Agency Leadership

We may be slightly unicorn-obsessed and have terrible taste in sweaters, but that’s also what we love about our team.

Meet the agency owners.

Meet the boss ladies who hold our crazy, quirky team together.

Meet Michelle. She’s what some may call a professional fixer, or a go-getter. If she’s not strategizing to help our clients overcome their challenges, she is probably solving a  mystery. As one of Kinetic’s founders, she prides herself on Kinetic being the official home of Conference Room Karaoke. If she could spend all of her time somewhere, it would probably be on a beach, either searching for the best restaurant to eat her next meal, or planning her next family vacation.

Meet Stacy. When she’s not nurturing client relationships or searching for unicorns to add to our team, she loves socializing with her friends and spending time with her daughter, Sydney. Stacy is proud to be a co-founder of a place where employees thrive, work well together and do amazing work for their clients, all while having a blast—a dream of hers and Michelle’s since the beginning stages of Kinetic. Whether it’s an upcoming Holiday Party or a spontaneous group outing, Stacy’s mantra is “work hard, play hard.”

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Channel Solutions



Optimize the customer experience by transforming your channel partners into brand ambassadors and product experts.


Research & Mystery Shopping

Uncover hidden truths, identify market opportunities and develop data-driven sales, marketing and training strategies.


Meetings & Events

Engage your sales channel and promote your brand with annual meetings, conferences, dealer meetings and product launch events.


Incentive & Reward Programs

Drive loyalty, reinforce behavior and motivate sales and service teams.


Channel Marketing

Create brand engagement with the marketing tools, support and in-market activation your channel needs to be successful.


Consulting & Assessments

Identify and overcome challenges with strategic consulting engagements and assessments.

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