Custom Training Solutions

Our number one priority is to align training outcomes with your business goals and objectives.

Our learner-centered approach to custom training drives engagement.

Your brand has been meticulously cultivated through marketing, advertising and PR—each customer touchpoint carefully crafted to inform, engage and delight, inching them ever closer to choosing your product. Then, when the customer is primed to buy, you must pass the baton to your dealers, agents, reps or resellers to make the sale. Ideally, this hand-off is seamless in the eyes of the customer—with your channel partners acting as enthusiastic brand ambassadors and delivering an optimal customer experience. (In a picture-perfect world, that is.)

Training your sales channel is key to ensuring your brand is translated properly at the point-of-sale, but we often see training programs that take an “everything but the kitchen sink” or “check the box” approach. This may satisfy everyone’s wants, but it rarely meets the needs of the learner. In fact, peppering learners with information they can’t possibly retain and don’t need to successfully perform their role can be overwhelming and frustrating. Ultimately, this approach may satisfy internal stakeholders, but it causes many learners to see training as a waste of time. At Kinetic, we take a learner-centered approach to developing custom training that drives engagement.


We use our experience and expertise to quickly assess the customer experience and identify gaps. Next, we categorize those gaps and hone in on the areas where custom training can make an impact. We do this because we think creating training on topics that won’t improve with more training is just plain silly.

Align Stakeholders

Through this process, we address competing priorities and align stakeholders, so we can gather the information needed from subject matter experts and quickly get buy-in. We view this as a critical step, because it allows us to work autonomously and never make our job your job.

Deliver Custom Training

The final product is a tailored, custom training solution that addresses gaps, aligns with your business objectives, achieves measurable results, positioning you for success.

Training methods to meet your learners’ needs.

Training programs that achieve the best results align business objectives, learner needs and the goals of the training. Kinetic develops custom training across all delivery methods, and to ensure success, we design a customized program for each client, often taking a blended approach.

We create engaging online learner experiences that use proven techniques to increase retention and improve knowledge application. We produce a wide range of custom elearning courses, from interactive modules to virtual reality learning environments. Our team has the experience and expertise to deliver the custom training your learners need.


Whether virtual or in a classroom, instructor-led training gives learners the opportunity to get one-on-one instruction, benefit from hands-on training with immediate feedback, interact and network with peers, and discover best practices.


Remote Coaching and Social Learning

 Invite world-wide partners to access expert knowledge or garner insights and best practices from their peers when and where they need it. 



This supplemental custom training gives your partners essential information that they can dig into on their own time, at their own pace.



A form of microlearning, infographics offer a quick, high-level overview of a topic. This form of custom training is efficient and can always be revisited for a quick refresher.


Experiential Events

Allow your channel partners to learn through experience at brand and product launch training events. These custom training events are a spin on hands-on learning that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on participants.



Offer your team consumable, bite-size learning to support continued education, reinforce information they need in order to perform their jobs well and allow them to maintain certification levels.



Offer your sales channel custom training videos of plant and product walkthroughs, customer service scenarios, product delivery processes, and sales techniques.

Drive engagement with these popular custom training topics.

Through the services above, we’ve helped equip countless sales channels to face customers with confidence, knowledge and brand loyalty. If you’re unsure what training tactics would benefit your channel, check out our clients’ top choices for custom training.

  • Product launch events
  • Product training
  • Parts and service training
  • Sales skills
  • Systems training
  • Process training
  • F&I training
  • Sales management
  • Parts and service management
  • Inventory management
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Customer service
  • Compliance training
  • Leadership skills training
Learning Management Systems

We work with a variety of LMS providers and are experts at selecting, customizing and managing high-performing learning management systems. 

Channel Solutions

Optimize the customer experience by transforming your channel partners into brand ambassadors and product experts.

Research & Mystery Shopping

Uncover hidden truths, identify market opportunities and develop data-driven sales, marketing and training strategies.

Meetings & Events

Engage your sales channel and promote your brand with annual meetings, conferences, dealer meetings and product launch events.

Incentive & Reward Programs

Drive loyalty, reinforce behavior and motivate sales and service teams.

Channel Marketing

Create brand engagement with the marketing tools, support and in-market activation your channel needs to be successful.

Consulting & Assessments

Identify and overcome challenges with strategic consulting engagements and assessments.

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