Research and Mystery Shopping

Uncover hidden truths, identify market opportunities and develop a channel strategy that has a solid foundation.

Inspect what you expect.

Your company is built on a brand promise—how well that promise is executed by your sales network distinguishes you from the competition and plays a key role in your success. If you’re not inspecting what you expect on a routine basis, you may be overlooking opportunities. And, unless you’re number one in the market and your customer experience is flawless, there are likely customer touch points that could be improved upon. The same is true of your competitors. But, what are they? 

We’re experts at uncovering hidden truths, executing complex mystery shop programs and identifying opportunities. We partner with you to not only obtain data through research and mystery shopping, but to distill that data into an executable action plan that will help to inform your decisions and position you to achieve your goals. 


Improve the customer experience with customer satisfaction surveys, customer experience investigations, competitor analysis, product competitive-comparisons, sales network surveys and focus groups.

Mystery Shopping

We’ll provide you game-changing data by collecting information on the customer sales experience and customer parts and service experience, as well as comparing prices, features and benefits against competitors.

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Data-Driven Solutions

Utilizing collected mystery shopping data, we help you understand where you stand in the market and identify factors hindering improvement. We’ll also develop strategic, data-driven solutions that enable you to live out your brand promise and improve brand consistency, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction, ultimately increasing your sales.

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Channel Solutions


Optimize the customer experience by transforming your channel partners into brand ambassadors and product experts.

Research & Mystery Shopping

Uncover hidden truths, identify market opportunities and develop data-driven sales, marketing and training strategies.


Meetings & Events

Engage your sales channel and promote your brand with annual meetings, conferences, dealer meetings and product launch events.


Incentive & Reward Programs

Drive loyalty, reinforce behavior and motivate sales and service teams.


Channel Marketing

Create brand engagement with the marketing tools, support and in-market activation your channel needs to be successful.


Consulting & Assessments

Identify and overcome challenges with strategic consulting engagements and assessments.

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