Incentive and Reward Programs

Drive loyalty, reinforce behavior, and motivate sales and service teams through a variety of incentive and reward programs.

Our programs are designed to achieve overall lift.

The consumer journey is shifting—and if you’re in sales, there is no doubt that you’ve experienced this shift. Customers work hard to stay off the “sales radar” for as long as possible. In fact, in a recent survey, the majority of prospective car buyers said they’d rather go to the dentist than the dealership. Ouch.

To overcome the changing landscape, top sales leaders implement solutions that motivate their sales channel—but, these solutions don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. The right solution takes a variety of data into consideration—audience, business objectives, goals, prior performance and market dynamics—to structure a program that achieves overall lift and does not merely reward the top performers.

Sales Incentive Programs

A custom sales incentive program rewards the right behaviors and actions—leading to increased sales and an improved customer experience.

Dealer Reward and Recognition Programs

We analyze what knowledge, beliefs and processes are required for your dealers, reps, agents or resellers to operate their independent businesses in alignment with your goals, and then we create reward and recognition programs that support and encourage these behaviors.


Sales Leadership Reward and Recognition Programs

Great sales leaders are hard to come by, so we help you keep them fully engaged, satisfied and motivated through strategic reward and recognition programs that encourage and reward behaviors of top-performing sales managers.

Certification Reward Programs

Reward your sales network for improving their skills by implementing a reward program that incentivizes learners to complete training certification requirements. Hanging certifications on your company’s walls not only builds credibility with customers, but also gives the learner a sense of pride for their accomplishment.


Incentive Travel

Consider incorporating an exclusive trip into your reward and recognition program prize structure. Incentive trips give top performers a chance to celebrate their success with peers, deepen relationships with the corporate sales team and build brand loyalty. We refer to this as a triple threat.

Not sure which incentive solution will drive results with your dealers, reps or agents? Let’s talk.

Channel Solutions



Optimize the customer experience by transforming your channel partners into brand ambassadors and product experts.


Research & Mystery Shopping

Uncover hidden truths, identify market opportunities and develop data-driven sales, marketing and training strategies.


Meetings & Events

Engage your sales channel and promote your brand with annual meetings, conferences, dealer meetings and product launch events.


Incentive & Reward Programs

Drive loyalty, reinforce behavior and motivate sales and service teams.


Channel Marketing

Create brand engagement with the marketing tools, support and in-market activation your channel needs to be successful.


Consulting & Assessments

Identify and overcome challenges with strategic consulting engagements and assessments.

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