Custom eLearning

Custom elearning courses are more than just regurgitated PowerPoints or repurposed instructor-led courses—they’re purposefully structured, engaging, impactful learning experiences that move the needle.

Improve outcomes with custom elearning.

If your learners are struggling, or flat-out failing, to apply what is taught in off-the-shelf web-based training courses, or you have highly specialized skills or processes that need to be taught, it may be time to consider custom elearning.

Custom elearning courses deliver higher learner retention rates and improved learner outcomes when compared to off-the-shelf web-based training modules, because they clearly align content with the appropriate actions, behaviors, and activities. In doing so, the learner is able to focus solely on the content, rather than trying to determine how the content applies to their role.

Increase learner satisfaction.

It’s safe to say we’ve all suffered through a boring, click-next-to-continue, PowerPoint-style web-based training course that’s left our eyes heavy and glossy, with our minds anywhere other than the content on the screen in front of us.

Don’t do that to your learners! Whether you are producing web-based employee training for new hires, introducing a new skill or topic, delivering new product or sales training, offering a refresher course to brush up on past material, or developing a catalog of courses for training certification, offer your team custom elearning that is engaging—and doesn’t make them want to nap on their keyboard.

Need to improve learner outcomes or increase learner satisfaction?

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We have the answers to your questions.

Whether you’re new to elearning or have developed web-based training courses with other companies in the past, we have answers to all of your elearning questions and concerns. Here are a few of the most common, but if you have others, let us know.

Don’t settle for mediocre. Nearly all of our clients were working with another company prior to making the switch, so we have extensive experience navigating these waters and are committed to making it smooth sailing. Before pushing off into uncharted territory, get in touch to make sure we’re the right fit and learn how we make the voyage to exceptional easy (umbrella drink included).

We understand that time is limited, which is why we make sure that our custom elearning courses aren’t wasting precious time. (And let’s be honest: what your learners really mean is that they don’t have time to waste on courses that aren’t going to make them better at their jobs.) Generalized courses are forced to cover more variables in order to ensure that the majority of learners will be able to garner something from the course, which means that much of the content in an off-the-shelf course won’t apply to your learners. Everyone has time to take training when they are able to directly correlate completion of the training to improved job performance.

Kinetic offers a variety of course options, features and lengths to meet the diverse budgets of our clients. In addition, our clients often find that in comparison to off-the-shelf courses, fewer custom courses are required to cover the same topics.

This could be for a variety of reasons, but the most common reasons are a lack of incentive, poor communication or the belief that the courses are a waste of time. Are you delivering engaging courses that align with the learners’ job roles, repeatedly communicating the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) and properly motivating your learners to engage in learning opportunities? If you aren’t convinced that any of these reasons apply, let’s discuss how we can help you get to the bottom of it—and then how we can work together to solve it.

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eLearning Development Process

This isn’t our first rodeo. Our proven process for custom elearning course development ensures the right content is reaching the right people at the right time—and that it all happens within budget.

eLearning Development Cost

We have a custom elearning solution for nearly every budget. To learn about our options, our approach to pricing and determine the solution that best aligns with your needs and budget, get in touch.

eLearning Instructional Design

Utilizing the foundational components of instructional design, we ensure your custom elearning experiences result in the retention and application of knowledge and skills.

Learning Management Systems

We work with a variety of LMS providers and are experts at selecting, customizing and managing high-performing learning management systems. 

Channel Solutions


Optimize the customer experience by transforming your channel partners into brand ambassadors and product experts.

Research & Mystery Shopping

Uncover hidden truths, identify market opportunities and develop data-driven sales, marketing and training strategies.

Meetings & Events

Engage your sales channel and promote your brand with annual meetings, conferences, dealer meetings and product launch events.

Incentive & Reward Programs

Drive loyalty, reinforce behavior and motivate sales and service teams.

Channel Marketing

Create brand engagement with the marketing tools, support and in-market activation your channel needs to be successful.

Consulting & Assessments

Identify and overcome challenges with strategic consulting engagements and assessments.

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