At Kinetic, we take this very seriously. As in, it’s one of our core values. We’re constantly looking for reasons to celebrate. And when we say “celebrate,” we don’t mean arranging a formal dinner or expecting to be handed bonuses like we’re on an episode of Oprah. We just mean that we take the time to acknowledge a job well done and the appreciation we have for one another.

In our office, “celebrations” take many shapes. On the one hand, we all look forward to having our favorite treat brought in on our work anniversaries and the “surprise” themed birthday celebrations. Less expected are the public recognition and shout-outs on Slack, blasting of “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled, or a toast at the end of a chaotic work week.

Aside from the fact that it’s fun to celebrate, here are ten other (more legitimate) reasons that we make it a priority to celebrate wins with our team.

  1. Recall your team’s goal and the reason(s) for setting it.
    In the time it’s taken to achieve a goal, it’s possible that your team has forgotten why the goal was set in the first place. Recalling why the work your team did helped achieve the goal inspires them to do more.
  2. Reinforce the idea that focused, goal-setting processes deliver results.
    We understand that not everyone is goal- or process-oriented—and the challenges that can present for a team. However, it is often by remaining consistent in your processes and maintaining persistence that we are able to reach our goals and deliver results. Once you’ve reached a goal, take the opportunity to remind your team that the process and goal helped your team succeed.
  3. Motivate your team to continue delivering good work.
    Employees who feel appreciated and know their efforts have been noticed become even more productive. Knowing the initiative was a success can be a confidence boost your team may need to keep them engaged and fueled to continue producing quality results again in the future.
  4. Unify your team around a positive outcome.
    If there are members of your team who are struggling to get along, reminding them that their teamwork helped achieve a common goal can help bring them together.
  5. Remind your team that they work for a winning organization.
    People want to work for winners! Who wouldn’t? That being said, one of the greatest morale-builders that a leader can offer is the knowledge that they work for a successful company—and successful projects from their team help make that company successful.
  6. Concentrate on the positive, rather than the negative.
    If nothing else, it was a learning experience—and that in itself is worth celebrating. If morale is low, give your team a boost by celebrating and reminding them that good things are still happening for the company.
  7. Build momentum for you and your team.
    When a success is celebrated, everyone is reminded that their ability to reach one specific goal indicates just how close they are to achieving even greater goals.
  8. Break away from mundane, day-to-day tasks.
    No matter how briefly, changing your team’s mindset from “work” to “celebration” gives both you and your team renewed positive energy.
  9. Connect with colleagues and coworkers in a way that is not just work-related.
    Building positive relationships with your teammates can prove challenging if all you’re ever focused on is the task at hand. Step away from your task list, and get to know your team in a different light. This will help you understand your team better and build trusting relationships.
  10. Reward your team.
    When you’re clear about what went well—providing names, dates, great ideas and the deadlines that were met or exceeded—you not only legitimize the celebration, but you reinforce the kinds of behaviors that the company values. This shows your team exactly how they can earn similar celebrations in the future.

Not only do we take celebrations seriously internally, but also externally. Did you know that we structure, implement and manage incentive and reward programs? We believe they are key to driving loyalty, reinforcing behavior and motivating teams. From certification rewards and sales incentive programs, to reward and recognition programs for dealers or sales leaders, to customer incentives, we know the value of reward and recognition and the difference it can make.

If your team could use a boost, let us know!

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