These thirteen channel engagement solutions are by no means an exhaustive list of every tool Kinetic uses to increase channel engagement, but if we had to select thirteen to showcase, these would be it.

  1. eLearning
    We create custom, engaging online training courses that align with your overall business goals. Empower your team by offering training on products, services, customer experience, systems, processes and more—all available on a responsive platform, meaning your sales channel can complete training on the office desktop, a home laptop, or on-the-go with an iPad or smartphone.
  2. Channel Events
    Our unique, captivating channel events (including dealer meetings, sales conferences and product launch events) are designed to be immersive and interactive—optimizing the face-time you have with channel partners, engaging your sales channel and promoting your products, services and brand.
  3. Training Certification Programs
    Aligning training certification program requirements to your business objectives drives sales and partner growth in a targeted, effective way. Training certification programs can bridge identified knowledge and skill gaps, increase product knowledge, build sales skills and improve the customer experience.
  4. Video
    Communicate with and educate your sales channel by using video to showcase plant and product walkthroughs, make important announcements and provide step-by-step training. Video is the easiest form of media to consume, and it provides your audience with another media to absorb important communication and training information.
  5. Instructor-Led Training
    Give your channel partners the opportunity to learn from an expert, interact with other top professionals and discover best practices with instructor-led training courses. These hands-on training experiences are an impactful addition to almost any training program. Studies have shown that offering an in-person, face-to-face component to complement and supplement other forms of training improves learner outcomes and increases retention.
  6. Reward & Recognition Programs
    Reward & recognition programs, when properly structured, help you keep those hard-to-come-by, great salespeople fully engaged, satisfied, and motivated, while simultaneously driving loyalty, reinforcing behavior and motivating your sales and service teams. A successful program not only motivates and rewards your sales channel for sales excellence, but also increases mindshare and changes behavior.
  7. Incentive Trips and Rewards
    Before implementing incentives or rewards as a part of any program, we analyze what will impact your audience and motivate them to achieve the objectives you’ve outlined. From plaques and apparel that showcase their achievement and status, to amazing incentive trips at desirable locations, to points-based incentives, we know that it’s never a one-size-fits-all solution, designing every program with one goal in mind: results.
  8. Point-of-Sale Materials
    To ensure brand consistency at the point of sale, provide your indirect sales channel with point-of-sale materials, from custom designed brochure racks, to informative and visually interesting brochures, flyers and other materials.
  9. Learning Management System (LMS) Selection and Implementation
    We work with a variety of LMS providers and are experts at selecting, customizing and managing high-performing learning management systems. From bid selection and management, to customer support and implementing an LMS launch strategy, we remove the hassle and challenges of an LMS so that you can focus on all the benefits they bring your sales channel.
  10. Mystery Shopping
    Our mystery shop process provides you with game-changing data in a variety of areas, including customer sales experience, customer parts and service experience, competitive price comparisons and feature-benefit comparisons. Our research can identify performance gaps, uncover hidden truths, identify market opportunities and give you valuable data to inform your channel strategy.
  11. Ad Builder Programs
    An ad builder program gives your busy dealer network the ability to quickly and easily build advertisements and sales campaigns through a customized online platform, allowing them to spread a concise and consistent message as an advocate for your brand in their local markets. From platform selection, to customization, management and user support, we take the headache out of local market activation.
  12. Channel Lead Generation
    There are many online and offline marketing tactics that can drive leads for your sales channel, if properly executed. We partner with our clients to take the guesswork out of SEO and to develop website, direct mail and email campaign content that moves prospects through the sales funnel and generates more leads for your channel.
  13. Strategic Partner Engagement (SPE)
    As your strategic partner, we learn the ins and outs of your business, your competitors and your industry. We use this knowledge and our expertise to provide insights about your business from an outside perspective and develop a cohesive strategic approach. In the SPE role, we become an extension of your team, bringing together the channel advertising, marketing and training activities (that are often looked at separately) into one singular, strategic approach. Choosing to partner with us in this capacity allows us to be proactive and keeps you one step ahead.

While all thirteen of these solutions can function on their own to support your indirect sales channel, true channel engagement occurs when solutions are strategically combined into a cohesive strategy that aligns with your current and future business objectives. Want to know how we can increase your sales channel engagement? Send us a note.

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