We asked our team what, specifically, they value about Kinetic’s flexible work environment, and these were the most common reasons we heard.

  1. “Being able to work remotely means I can stay home with my daughter when she’s not feeling well and still stay on top of my work responsibilities.”
  2. “I value being able to take my kids to school every day.”
  3. “When I schedule appointments (for myself or for my kids), I don’t have to worry about how to split my day to figure out if I have to take a half or whole day off work, because Kinetic allows me to make up those hours elsewhere in the week.”
  4. “I love to travel, and with Kinetic’s flexible work environment, they trust me to work remotely and still meet all my deadlines, without asking me to use vacation days.”
  5. “On nice days, the team gets together outside to enjoy the weather. A coffee shop with outdoor seating is the perfect spot to take advantage of the nice weather.”
  6. “As much as I love my teammates, if someone is sick, I do not want them to come in and spread their germs! We all have laptops, so it’s easy to stay home, get well, and not fall behind in work.”
  7. “Icy, snowy roads make me nervous, and Kinetic encourages us to be safe over coming in to the office. So if the roads are bad, we can work from home and not worry about venturing out on the roads.”
  8. “I am personally not at all a morning person (I’m much more of a night owl), so I am very thankful that Kinetic allows me to come in to work a little later than the standard workplace. They know they can trust me to stay late at the office or work a few hours at home in the evening. The flexibility is my saving grace!”
  9. “Kinetic is a family-friendly company, meaning I don’t have to miss out on my kids’ school activities or sports. If I need to leave a little early to catch their game, or show up a little late to go to ‘Donuts with Dad’ in the morning, that’s okay. Kinetic supports it.”
  10. “When someone needs to be at home to accept packages, or repairmen are coming to do work on the house, I can be there, and it’s not a problem at all.”
  11. “Migraine headaches are unpredictable, but if one strikes while I’m at work, I can go home to rest up, instead of suffering through the remainder of the day.”
  12. “I value the fact that Kinetic just trusts its employees enough in general to offer us this flexibility. They don’t try to micromanage us, and they give us the option to work where we feel most productive. Having that trust is really important to me.”
  13. “Life is unpredictable! Sometimes things happen unexpectedly, and we have to leave the office to take care of it. The situation itself is already stressful, and Kinetic could add to the stress, but they don’t. Michelle and Stacy actually do the opposite and offer to help any way they can.”
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