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In general, I think it’s safe to say that small businesses are often thought of as having less bandwidth and/or an inability to offer the same level or variety of products or services as their larger counterparts. And while we can understand the logic behind these assumptions (Walmart, for example, can definitely carry more stock and offer a greater product variety than its smaller, local competitors), at Kinetic, we don’t want to be the Walmart of agencies. We see our size as an advantage and love being a niche firm, because it allows us to be mighty for our clients in all the ways that matter most.

Still not convinced? We’ve compiled our five top reasons why working with a small business—or in our case, a small agency—actually works to our clients’ advantage:

  1. We have the ability to be flexible and nimble.
    Think about all the people, processes, and time it takes to change the price of a single item at Walmart: Bob announces a price change, and Sally prints a new shelf label. But since Sally is an office employee and not a floor employee, Carrie, the floor employee, must replace the old label with the new label. Then, Tim updates the computers, and Jan ensures the point-of-sale equipment at the registers reads the barcode at the new price. Whew! That’s five people with very specialized jobs who all need to be communicated with, scheduled, managed, and paid to complete the seemingly simple task of changing a price—and we only addressed the customer-facing aspects!

    But are all those people and processes necessary? Couldn’t just one person tackle all the responsibilities of a price change? Since Walmart is a large, complex machine, the processes and people are all necessary, and a single person couldn’t be expected to tackle a seemingly simple price change, because there are too many factors and moving pieces. At a smaller, locally operated store, however, one person would do it all, and while the end result would be the same, the process and time required to accomplish the goal would be much less involved. That’s how things work at Kinetic: we have the ability to be agile and adapt, and because there are fewer moving pieces, we’re able to get the job done utilizing fewer people and processes—and with much less red tape than our larger counterparts.

  2. There are only first-string players, so our clients always get the best.
    Smaller companies don’t have room for people who aren’t the best at their craft or who don’t give 100% every day. There’s no one sitting around waiting to pick up the slack, and there’s nowhere for underperformers to hide. Consider the difference in staff quality at large chain restaurants compared to small, locally owned restaurants. Large chain restaurants are shipped partially prepared food and have standard menus with thorough food descriptions, affording them the ability to hire less talented chefs and less experienced waitstaff. Small, locally owned restaurants, on the other hand, prepare meals from scratch and change their menus more frequently. In order to consistently deliver a quality customer experience, they need top-notch kitchen staff preparing the food and passionate, knowledgeable waitstaff who can explain the dishes on the menu in great detail.

    Similar to the differences between locally owned restaurants and a large chain restaurant, at top-performing small agencies, there is no room for underperformers. At Kinetic, if you’re a poor performer or don’t succeed in your role, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Team Kinetic is composed of multi-talented, detail-oriented, enthusiastic team members who haven’t met a challenge they don’t like and can’t overcome.

  3. Our relationships and services are personalized for each client.
    At Kinetic, we make our clients’ businesses our businesses, and we believe that our clients’ success is our success. We’re invested in each and every one of our clients and take the time to get to know them, how they like to work, and how we can best support them. For example, we know which of our clients are an early risers and which are the night owls; if they want every single detail or just the important ones; if weekly status meetings are preferred or if an email update is better; if texting is the best way to get in touch or if a phone call is the better option. We personalize the way we work with our clients to make it a seamless experience. Beyond personalizing the way we work together, we’re also able to proactively identify potential issues and present clients with solutions that are specific to them and their company.

  4. We bring extensive experience and expertise to the table.
    Smaller agencies can’t be everything to everyone. As mentioned earlier, Kinetic does not want to be the Walmart of agencies. Our sole focus is helping manufacturers that sell products through dealers, agents, reps, partners (you get the idea) engage their sales channel and increase sales.

    What this means for our clients is that we understand the challenges of having non-employees selling their products and know detached sales networks like the backs of our hands. We know what makes our clients’ sales channels tick, how to drive behavior change, and most importantly, how to get results. We provide a wide range of solutions, from communication, to training, to reward and recognition programs, but they all center around the same goal: improving channel performance. We’re the Channel Engagement Agency™. It’s not just what we do, it’s all we do. And we’re experts at it.

  5. We cut the fluff and take ownership.
    At Kinetic, we don’t have middlemen—or middle-management, for that matter. Every member of our team is responsible for ensuring the quality and timeliness of everything they touch. As we fondly repeat: “it’s not about the role, it’s about the goal.” At our agency, there is no passing the buck. Every team member is as responsible for the success of projects as the agency owners. This approach, combined with our high standards, allows us to cut a lot of the fluff that larger agencies require, while still flawlessly delivering for our clients.

While we can’t make any promises or representations that other agencies or businesses (regardless of their size) will perform to our unicorn-level standards, we can promise that we will. Let us prove it to you.

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