My wife and I bought our car from Rick Kruger at Don Ayres Honda in Fort Wayne over four years ago. Since then, we’ve frequently received contacts from the dealership. Letters and emails, reminders to keep up with maintenance, ways to stay connected with dealership news, etc. In addition, Rick has become an acquaintance of ours. When my wife is in the lobby waiting for the car to be serviced, he may walk through, recognize her (and other customers as well), and stop for a conversation. On numerous occasions, we have run into him, at the store, for example, and even then he recognizes us and knows us by name. He also regularly calls to let us know of current offers and opportunities. On my birthday, he actually calls to wish me a happy birthday. So, when the time comes to purchase a new vehicle, our first call will be to Rick. All of this to say, in this day and age of technology and digital information, don’t forget the benefits and potential that comes from fostering a personal connection between your sales associates and each customer, because your customers will remember.

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