We may be slightly unicorn-obsessed, a little all over the place (geographically), and have terrible taste in sweaters, but that’s also everything we love about our team! Scroll down a little further for the details, as well as the full list of thirteen quirks, talents and facts to help you get a better sense of who we are as a team.

  1. Unicorns
    We refer to ourselves as unicorns (well, “Kineticorns,” actually: Kinetic + Unicorns = Kineticorns). I know what you’re thinking, but no, we did not hop on this recent bandwagon of the unicorn trend; we’ve actually considered ourselves Kineticorns for years. Unicorns represent the experience we want to deliver for our clients: an “unbelievable” level of service, quality and results. We even have a mascot (pictured), named Lord Ulysses the Unicorn of Fort Millayne, who reminds us to be our best unicorn selves for our team and our clients. (Don’t mind his hot tamale necklace; he’s still celebrating the last office birthday.)

  2. Lights, Camera, Action!
    We have a movie star among us (kind of). One of our teammates used to live out in California and had a part saying a one-word phrase in a movie. It (only?) took seven takes to get it right! “Orale.”

  3. Hi-ya!
    One Account Manager is a black belt in Taekwondo, so you could say she’s pretty quick on her feet (literally and metaphorically).

  4. Turn Up (the volume)
    We have a couple rock music enthusiasts among us, from avid concert-goers to a huge Led Zeppelin fan who collects their records, posters and t-shirts. We also like to keep the music flowing while we work throughout the day, switching it up from rock, to country, to the frequently featured XM Fly station during happy hour. Our Fort Mill team also listens to music all day, which inevitably leads to frequent fights with Alexa. We are also somewhat musical ourselves, with a couple guitarists, a violinist, and a trumpet player—and a teammate who worked as a singing waiter during college. Our CFO has given every Celine Dion song a thumbs up on his Pandora stations and can be found humming throughout the office and leading all “happy birthday” songs, and our Art Director used to design artwork for album covers.

  5. Run, Forrest, Run!
    Can you say that anyone on your team has ran a marathon? We can! Our team makes a solid effort to stay in shape by trying to eat healthy lunches (with the exception of Taco Tuesdays) and be active, from hitting the treadmill, to taking yoga classes.

  6. Where in the World is Carmen San Diego
    One of the team’s favorite perks of working at Kinetic is its flexible work environment, especially since we have some jet setters on our team. Whether we are vacationing in Greece, Egypt or Jamaica, or off managing events in the Cayman Islands, Hawaii or the red rocks, we are definitely a team of travelers!

  7. Pet Lovers
    Whether it’s Doug the Pug, cat videos or a briefly odd obsession with sugar gliders, our team can’t resist cuddling up to our pets. We even have a daily Doug the Pug calendar located next to our Keurig for a daily dose of Doug (and therefore happiness). And one of owners is well on her way to starting a collection of beautiful farm animals. We also frequently end the day by assigning someone the responsibility of “letting the cat out,” even though we don’t have an office cat.

  8. Coffee Mugs
    You can tell a lot about a person based on their assortment of coffee mugs—and ours is pretty unique. For starters, we all have our very own, personalized unicorn mugs (it’s kind of our initiation into the company). We also have animal-shaped mugs, a Kinetic-branded Ember mug, travel mugs, a set of your standard office mugs, some random mugs that turned up out of nowhere, and mugs featuring witty phrases. I’m not sure if our plethora of mugs is to blame, but our coffee consumption is through the roof.

  9. Team Kineticorns
    We have an in-office cornhole setup with custom Kinetic-branded boards that we pull out during happy hour (especially when we are trying to brush up on our skills for summer). We also pretend that we are in an actual league and have official Kineticorn shirts featuring unique office nicknames, such as Pookie, Cat Lady, Dad, Dog Kicker (don’t worry, he doesn’t actually kick dogs), Peaches, O.G. Unicorn, Dave (for someone whose actual name is not Dave), Wise Owl, and Queen C, to name a few. As I’m sure you can guess, there are some pretty great stories behind those nicknames. We’re still waiting on that whole “practice makes perfect” to kick in—and in the meantime, we’ll continue to pull out the ladder to get our bags down from on top of our ceiling lights.

  10. Ugly Sweater Competition
    We take our ugly Christmas sweater competition rather seriously and award trophies (that are even uglier than our sweaters) for four categories: ugliest, most hilarious, most creative, and unicorniest. Dabid is the running champ for the most creative sweater, and his “Gatos of Anarchy” themed sweater is probably our favorite sweater of all time!

  11. Conference Room Karaoke
    We don’t know of any other offices who hold conference room karaoke—and those offices are the ones who are missing out! First of all, who doesn’t like karaoke? Even if you don’t perform, it’s still fun to watch! We have uncovered hidden talents of teammates through various conference room karaoke sessions.

  12. Festive, Fashionable Flair
    Whether it’s busting out a unicorn onesie in the holiday party photo booth, putting together some very elaborate Halloween costumes, dressing for themed office celebrations, or rocking some ugly sweater finds from Goodwill leading up to the holidays, we practically look for excuses to add a little flair to our outfits—and a little fun to our days.

  13. Foodies
    The title says it all. From a slight snow crab obsession, Taco Tuesdays (or any day of the week, really), catered holiday parties, and cheese plates during happy hour, good food makes us happy. We also have a pretty talented cake decorator among us—you will not find her masterpieces featured with any Pinterest fails, that’s for sure. (I mean, check out these beautiful, all-too-appropriate-for-this-post cakes she made.) Said cake decorator also makes the best ribs we’ve ever tasted—hands down.

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