Get to know Kinetic. We sat down with co-founders Michelle and Stacy to answer 13 questions about the company’s history.

Why was Kinetic founded? In 2005, Kinetic was born out of a desire to produce great work that delivers real results and to build strong client relationships, all in an environment that is fun, with people we genuinely like. Thirteen years later, you could say we’re livin’ the dream.

Who founded Kinetic? Michelle Alonzo and Stacy McHorse (who we will learn more about in our next post!)

When was the Kinetic icon (the double infinity symbols) first introduced? The icon was first introduced in 2007 when the company’s branding evolved from Kinetic Group to Kinetic Channel Marketing.

What’s the meaning behind the Kinetic icon? Each of the four loops (or “petals,” as we call them) represent one of the four components of channel engagement­: communication, education, motivation and strategy. We’ve learned that when these four elements come together (represented by the diamond in the center of the four petals), sales channels thrive. Our icon is a constant reminder of our mission statement, as each component of it represents a specific part of what we strive to achieve for our clients.

Where was the first Kinetic office? Our first office was in Portland, OR, in 2005, followed by a Fort Wayne, IN, office in 2006, and our Fort Mill, SC, office in 2011.

While we still have an office in Fort Mill, SC, it has moved from its original location. Where is it now, and what was the reason for the move? In 2012, Kinetic relocated to Baxter Village (936 Market Street, Suite 204, Fort Mill, SC) for a greater sense of community. (Plus, we are located right above Cupcrazed Cakery!)

The Fort Wayne office has also had a few locations. When and why did the Fort Wayne office move downtown? Fort Wayne is making a comeback! In 2015, the Fort Wayne team began commuting to our downtown office (127 West Berry Street, Suite 400, Fort Wayne, IN) so that we could take advantage of our growing city and downtown lifestyle.

Who was Kinetic’s first client? Freightliner Trucks, and we are proud to still call them a client today.

What was the first big project Kinetic was awarded? A dealer reward & recognition program in 2005.

Who did we develop our first e-learning course for, and when did it launch? In 2006, we completed our first e-learning course for Intel. Since then, we’ve completed 200+ e-learning courses for our clients.

What was the first event we managed? When did it take place? It was for a new car product launch in 2007. We developed a dealer training ride and drive program including course design, curriculum development, event production and logistics for more than 350 dealer sales professionals.

What was the most memorable event Kinetic planned and managed? The Swim Spa Challenge in 2008­; not only did we have to find people who knew how to swim, but they also had to be willing to get in their swimsuits… on camera. Luckily, we overcame the challenge, and it was a successful event!

What was the first mystery shop Kinetic conducted? We’ve completed 30+ mystery shops since our first one in 2008, which we conducted for a heavy duty truck manufacturer to compare new vocational truck competition. Throughout the course of these mystery shops, we’ve become specialized in complex B2C and B2B products and services mystery shops.

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