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At a creative agency, collaboration is the name of the game. The Kinetic team is constantly working together to create any number of things, from project proposals and online training modules to fun and effective branding elements.

Of course, like the rest of the world, we were devastated when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It took away our ability not only to see and work with our teammates, but to share feedback in real time. Like so many other companies, we had to learn how to adapt and figure out new ways to keep our team together, even when we had to be apart.

Enter screensharing. From Microsoft Teams to Zoom meetings, we used virtual tools to stay in touch and communicate. At first, we grumbled about the challenges of the virtual environment—until we started to realize the ways screensharing has revolutionized our agency lifestyle.

It’s easy to focus on the devastating impacts of COVID-19. The uncertainty, the grief, and the division the pandemic has caused is undeniable. But at Kinetic, we strive to look for the bright spot, the silver lining. And one of the bright spots has been discovering the true value in screensharing.

Of course, there are the obvious ways screensharing has improved our lives. It makes it easier to communicate feedback, increasing efficiency and saving time. But we believe it’s also enhanced our creativity.

With so many projects, it can be easy to “create” inside a vacuum. In the pre-COVID world, a designer might spend hours putting together a look and feel for a brochure or a module, only for the project manager to receive it and want to take it in a different creative direction. In this world, the two creative visions have no way of merging together. It’s one person trying to guess what the other is thinking and use those assumptions to create something “close” to the original vision.

Now, with screensharing, that same designer can hop on a Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom call and show the project manager, in real time, what they are working on. The project manager can then bring their creative vision into the conversation, and together, the designer and project manager create something truly spectacular. Rather than limiting creativity, screensharing enhances it, allowing multiple minds to blend to produce a better product.

The same goes for client work. If a client has a specific vision or likes the way something looks but wants to see it in a different color, a simple screenshare can help them explore their options. It also offers a behind-the-scenes look at the agency process, which can lead to better understanding, and an even greater partnership moving forward.

COVID has obviously forced us all to change the way we do things. As we look to the future, we’re evaluating which changes have made us stronger. At Kinetic, screensharing is here to stay. Creative collaboration has never been easier. It gives each of us a chance not only to watch the magic happen, but to share in that magic, too. Are you looking to create a little magic of your own? Contact us today and let’s work together.

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