Every three months comes that reminder of having to take your vehicle in to have the oil changed. For us, it’s not really a hassle, because we know it will be a good experience. We’ve been going there for over five years, and it never ceases to amaze me that they find ways to improve upon the already good experience. Everyone we deal with there is pleasant, the price is right (less than most other places) and, believe it or not, you can receive a free car wash if you ask. In the lobby, they have a large flat-screen TV, comfortable seating, freshly brewed coffee and a self-serve soda fountain, along with a vending machine filled with snacks. Not only do they take the adults into consideration, they also cater to families by providing a child-size table and chairs, complete with crayons and coloring pages. Who does that? But it’s all those little things that add up to making us happy customers who will keep coming back. We know that the product is great, but the service they provide takes it further. And it all comes from great leadership doing the right things, following it all the way through the channel to improve customer loyalty. Go Honda!

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