We asked clients why they choose to partner with us time and time again—some for thirteen years now! Here are the top thirteen answers.

  1. “Kinetic is passionate about helping my team, and they genuinely care about our success.”
  2. “Kinetic is committed to producing great work and exceeding expectations. They don’t cut corners, they go the extra mile.”
  3. “I like that Kinetic has cross-industry experience; they work with a wide variety of manufacturers, so they are a great source for new ideas, best practices and a unique perspective.”
  4. “They really are always looking for ways to make it easier to work together and don’t make their job, our job.”
  5. “The Kinetic team members aren’t just order takers; they bring smart and strategic recommendations.”
  6. “Kinetic is responsive and nimble, and they understand the time-sensitive nature of our projects.”
  7. “They have a deep understanding of our business and our industry, and I can’t tell you how valuable that is.”
  8. “Nothing is off-the-shelf or generic when it comes to working with Kinetic. They develop custom solutions to achieve our specific business objectives.”
  9. “I choose to work with Kinetic, because they understand the importance of the relationship between a manufacturer and their dealers.”
  10. “I can count on Kinetic to deliver projects as if their lives depend on it.”
  11. “The Kinetic team members are very resourceful. They either find a way or make a way.”
  12. “Kinetic understands our sales network and the unique challenges of selling through dealers, partners, agents and reps.”
  13. “Kinetic has a great team, and they are fun to work with!”
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