Brand identity graphicIf you’re following along, you know that we’ve self-diagnosed Cobbler’s Children Syndrome—but we haven’t yet gone into detail about how we arrived at this diagnosis.

If you recall the sad ending to the tale of the cobbler’s children, the kids leave their dad to live with their mom, because their mom provides them the shoes that their dad would not. Similarly, we realized that by neglecting our own brand and website, we weren’t providing our clients with the best user experience or all the information and resources they may need.

So here’s our own tale—our tale of how we recognized our need to re-launch our brand identity.

Once, there was a Kinetic client who had contracted us for many years to manage a variety of marketing and training needs. While the needs spanned across many different areas, the tasks at hand tended to be fairly routine.

One day while at lunch with this client, they mentioned being unhappy with their current learning management system (LMS) and wishing they could make a change. However, looking at proposal after proposal—trying to make sense of the tech jargon to compare apples to apples—seemed too daunting of a task to make a switch.

Sitting there, listening to our client’s pain points (and fully understanding the huge undertaking that is an LMS), we realized that we had not only been letting ourselves down, but we had also been letting our clients down. We had been so focused on doing the work that we had been contracted for that we overlooked assisting our client in additional areas. Had we provided this client with the resources they needed (such as oh, I don’t know, an up-to-date, user-friendly website that displayed all of our capabilities), we could have helped them—and a lot sooner—saving them time and money.

After our client finished expressing their LMS-related stresses and frustrations, we were excited to share with them how we had helped other clients with similar needs—from bidding and selecting and LMS, to setup and project management, to user management and support.
When the client realized that we could help them find the LMS that best fit their needs and budget—and have it up and running in as little as three months, they immediately felt the burden lift from their shoulders—and we ordered dessert to celebrate.

Needless to say, this client was instrumental in helping us realize just how badly we needed shoes.

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