A couple of months ago, I had to fix a leaking shower in the basement. I had been putting it off, but the stream of water was getting pretty serious. After shutting off the water coming into the house, I quickly dismantled the shower and removed the leaking part. In my haste to get a new part, I left the house for the big box store without looking for the brand name of the shower faucet. When I arrived at the store, the sales clerk told me there was no way to figure out the correct replacement part without knowing the manufacturer.

Not wanting to go back home to find the manufacturer, I went to the nearest plumbing store, Northside Plumbing on North Clinton in Fort Wayne. As soon as I stepped in the store (not kidding, I hadn’t even had a chance to say a word) the sales clerk saw the part and told me the manufacturer and model! I was amazed and left with the correct part. I must have told dozens of family members and friends about the knowledgeable salesperson and the great service I received.

Do your dealers know your product like this?

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