13 Reasons to Implement a Channel Training Program GraphicFrom eLearning and video, to instructor-led classes and self study, we help our clients empower their sales channel by implementing a strategic channel training program that delivers the information they need—when, where and how they need it. Consider these thirteen reasons to implement a training program for your channel, and visit our page on training to learn about other custom, engaging training solutions we offer. We’ve partnered with several clients to help elevate their sales channel—let us know how we can help you, too.

  1. Arm your sales force with the latest product and service knowledge.
  2. Improve sales and service performance at the point of sale.
  3. Support your dealers, agents and resellers with the knowledge and skills to enhance operational efficiency.
  4. Increase employee value by providing continuous learning opportunities.
  5. Improve and ensure consistency of the customer experience across multiple channel locations.
  6. Combat competition at the point of sale by equipping salespeople with up-to-date competitive comparison information.
  7. Ensure your brand promise is being fulfilled at the point of sale.
  8. Assist your channel in attracting top, new talent by offering on-boarding training that sets new hires up for success.
  9. Increase job satisfaction and employee retention by providing the necessary training for career advancement.
  10. Provide your channel with a way to assess, track and improve performance by implementing a learning management system.
  11. Improve customer satisfaction by providing training that targets performance gaps.
  12. Manage, track and ensure compliance across all channel locations.
  13. Increase productivity through targeted systems and process training.
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