“Find a way or make one” is one of our core values. We live this core value by being entrepreneurial problem solvers, who, when faced with challenges or obstacles, either find a solution—or create our own.

First, let us begin by saying that we love it when our clients come to us with challenges, unique requests or “impossible” tasks. (We also may secretly, especially love it when our client has already been told that accomplishing a goal, achieving a specific task, or meeting a budget or deadline constraint isn’t possible, because accomplishing the “impossible” makes it that much more rewarding. After all, we do strive for unicorn status.) When presented with the seemingly impossible, it gives us the opportunity to not only solve a problem for our client, but it allows us to showcase our creativity, problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking.

To better illustrate this core value, we’ve compiled three instances where we have stepped in to help our clients achieve the seemingly unachievable.

  1. It’s Thursday afternoon, and our client needs a video shoot to happen on the following Tuesday… in another country.
    One Thursday afternoon, a client came to us with a very urgent need that their advertising agency wasn’t able to fulfill on such short notice. So, we put our heads together to determine how we could assist our client with their challenges of a quick turnaround and out-of-country video shoot destination. We looped in our video production team, who worked some scheduling magic so that they could make it happen, and we were off to the races. We assessed our resources and pulled in a project manager who had availability in her schedule, although she wasn’t assigned to this particular client, to manage the project. She quickly booked travel and lodging and then began understanding the goals of the client and developing a game plan for the shoot with the video team. Despite the short notice, by being flexible with our resources and pulling in a team from another account, we were able to deliver on time and within budget. Our relationship with this client improved from the experience, and we attribute some of that success to our quick thinking and ability to make their last-minute video shoot happen.
  2. Our client is on draft [too many] of a marketing piece with another agency, and it’s still not quite where, or what, they want it to be.
    Our client had been working with another agency to develop a marketing piece, but unfortunately, things weren’t going according to plan. Since we had worked with this client on other marketing pieces in the past, they asked if we could step in and offer a fresh perspective on the current piece they were working on. So, we gathered resources from the client, as well as relevant resources of our own, met with the client to ensure we understood the end goal of the piece, and then we went back to the drawing board. Based on the client’s direction, we dissected, reorganized, and reimagined the flow and content, keeping an open mind as to how the piece may evolve. Our fresh perspective allowed us to approach the piece from a different angle and develop a new outline with a different flow that was much more in line with what the client had originally envisioned.
  3. The task of selecting an LMS was really weighing on our client, because they just needed a simple, cost-effective solution, and not all the bells and whistles.
    Without a doubt, selecting a learning management system (LMS) is a daunting task—especially if you’re juggling other day-to-day tasks and responsibilities and aren’t super familiar with LMSes. So, when we had a client come to us overwhelmed with all the options out there, we knew we could help. These days, the number of options and capabilities available for LMSes can quickly become a huge undertaking, both in terms of time and budget. Luckily, LMSes are a bit of a passion for us, so we were excited for the opportunity to present our client with a custom LMS solution that didn’t have all the unnecessary bells and whistles that were threatening their budget—and was a simple solution that fit their needs.

Are you facing a challenge that seems insurmountable? We’ve been there, and overcoming them is one of our guiding principles. Tell us about your challenge.

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