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Living Our Values—
Embrace Change

Over the last 14 years, Kinetic has invested in—and embraced—the change and evolution of elearning. From the year 2000, when web-based training methods first came to prominence in the world of corporate learning, to all it’s evolved into in 2019, consider these important developments in elearning over the years.

Feast Your Eyes–
Kinetic In Pi[es]

  It’s #NationalPiDay, and there is plenty of pi/pie to go around! We’re serving up slices of cherry and chocolate pecan in the office—and a little Kinetic insight for our readers. Feast your eyes on these five Kinetic pi[es]! Enjoy!

2019 Trends in Training

The training industry is quickly evolving—thanks to new technology and continued dedication to research—and it can be challenging to stay on top of all the new and improved training methods. Here are five training trends to keep an eye on Read more…

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