During the final team happy hour of 2018, we spent time reflecting on all that we are grateful for, from the awesome clients we partner with, to the exciting opportunities and projects we were able to work on, to all of the internal to-do list items we crossed off our list. We realized just how amazing it is, and how blessed we are, that we were able to complete over 200 client projects and still somehow found time to knock out a long list of internal projects. Here are the internal projects the team is most proud to have accomplished in 2018.

We celebrated our thirteenth year in business.

Cheers to thirteen years! Over the course of our thirteen years in business, we have been so fortunate to develop, cultivate and maintain relationships with truly amazing clients and partners. We recognize that our clients’ success is our success and know that we wouldn’t have been fortunate enough to celebrate this anniversary without each of them.

For our thirteenth business anniversary, we held a thirteen-day countdown on social media, where readers met our co-founders and team members, learned more about some of the services we offer, and showed off some highly embarrassing photos of our awkward 13-year-old selves. In case you missed it, here are those thirteen posts:

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We re-launched our brand, including a beautiful new website.

Self-reflection led us to realize that our brand—and especially our website—no longer reflected who we have evolved into as a company. We dedicated time and resources to ourselves in 2018, prioritizing an updated brand identity and website. We couldn’t be happier with our new website! If you haven’t already, check it out here: www.meetkinetic.com

As any wise marketing agency would, we took to social media about our exciting brand identity re-launch—in the form of another social media campaign! Follow our rebranding journey here:

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And then, the unplanned, but all-too-fitting: Banksy

We helped a very brave young man.
In 2018, Kinetic was made aware of the wonderful community we are a part of, from the amazing and giving clients we partner with, to the courageous individuals who show us the true meaning of strength and perseverance. Kinetic had the opportunity to bring together an outstanding group of people to tackle the seemingly impossible for one very deserving young man: Eli Guise. A huge thank you to our client, Master Spas, for donating a swim spa to aid Eli on his journey to recovery, Wes Parker for donating stone, and Irving Material Inc. for donating the concrete. In addition, we’d like to thank everyone who donated their time to lay the concrete pad and construct the pergola: Doug Henry and his team (Dan Becker and Steve Henry), Eric Beverly, and Alli Gerardot and her crew from the Ball State Construction Club. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support from all of you, and for that, we are grateful.

To learn more about Eli, visit his page: Eli’s Journey through Guillain Barre Syndrome

We captured some beautiful pictures—and memories.

We plan photo shoots for our clients all the time, so why not for ourselves?! Fort Wayne welcomed some of the Fort Mill team for a photo shoot in the Fort Wayne office. We captured a lot of great images—and definitely had a good time while doing it! Here’s a sneak peek of one of our favorites—with more coming to our website soon!

We spent more time as a team.

With two separate offices and remote workers, it can be easy for us to slide into a feeling of being disconnected as a team, so we make an extra effort to come together whenever possible. In fact, we prioritize getting the leadership team together quarterly to stay connected. Team building takes the shape of weekly happy hours with a hype playlist, to decorating the office in special themes to celebrate birthdays, to team lunches and dinners, or other team outings (like floating down a local river or pedaling through the streets of downtown). And of course, our annual holiday party!

We are so grateful for our team, clients, and communities. And while 2018 was pretty great… here’s to 2019!

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